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Windy Garden

Project Overview

(A C++ project on a custom Game Engine: Prime Engine (DX9))

I made a Windy Garden Scene in Prime Engine which is a Game Engine written in C++ with basic functionalities. In order to make the Engine supports all the features I need, I made several changes to the rendering pipeline of the engine. Detailed changes are listed below. After that, I wrote wind and snow shaders to achieve the final results.

WindyGarden: Bio


  • 1. WindMap:

    • a new texture type that describes how the vertex of the object moves under the wind.

  • 2. Vertex Texture Fetch:

    • read wind map in the vertex shader and create detailed wind movement effects for vegetations.

  • 3. Alpha blending for standard mesh

    •  enable alpha blending for some plants, so there could be transparency in the texture.

  • 4. Implement a skybox for the scene.

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