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Bolygon Runner: Bio

Bolygon Runner

Game Overview

(A group project I did during my internship at BOLYGON. )

Bolygon Runner is a multi-player parkour game developed with Unity3D that has one killer and multiple runners.

The killer's goal is to kill all the runners by triggering traps on runner's road, thus runners should try their best to avoid the traps and reach the destination.

Once there is a runner reaches the destination which is a colosseum, the killer will be transport to the colosseum and the runner can finally revenge on the killer. 

Bolygon Runner: Bio

Game and Environemnt Design

  • Killer and Runner's route:

    • There are three key restrictions on designing killer and runners' route:

      1. must be completely separated. 

      2. Killer and Runner should be able to see each other at all traps point.

      3. Killer's route must be shorter than runners' so that killer can arrive each trap point earlier than runners. 

  • Build Environment:

    • We use assets from Unity's package 3DGameKit in order to build a mysterious and fantasy cave-like environment.

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Design and Implement the traps:

There are a total of 10 traps includes terrain collapsing, landslides, flies attacking,   explosion, laser attacking and more. 

All the traps are located on runners' road and these network events are triggered by killer standing on the trigger pad.

Once the trap is triggered, there will be a cooldown in the trap to avoid repeatedly trigging the trap in a short time interval. 

There will also be a blue laser line at killer's view only to indicate which trap the pad connects with. 

Bolygon Runner: Quote

Scoreboard Design and Implement

The scoreboard will show whether you WIN or not, your RANK in the team and the SCORE.

If you are a runner, it will also show how many PERCENTAGES you completed the running. Based on your status, It will give you a TITLE  to describe your performance in the game.

Bolygon Runner: Quote
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